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    03-11-2021 New

    Windshield life hacks: do they really work?

    Whether you take care of your vehicle often or whether you do it when you judge it’s absolutely necessary, it is always tempting to take a look at what the Internet can tell us for many things. We...

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    28-05-2021 New

    Should you repair or replace your windshield?

    The windshield plays an essential role in the structure of a vehicle and in the protection of its passengers. During an impact, it is important to consult an expert as quickly as possible so that...

  • A person cleans the windshield
    12-04-2021 New

    Spring cleaning is just around the corner!

    Take advantage of the warm weather to give your car or truck a thorough cleaning, inside and out. Here are our experts’ tips for a perfect spring cleaning:

  • Woman sees broken windshield
    12-02-2021 New

    What to do when your windshield sustains damage?

    Your windshield’s primary purpose is to protect the vehicles’ passengers. It does so by holding in place the airbags and the car’s roof in case of an accident. Regularly inspecting your windshield...

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