Camera recalibration


Essential with a windshield replacement

What is the purpose of the camera behind the windshield?

Does your car issue an audible or visual signal to keep you aware of speed limits, when you involuntarily cross a lane, when there’s another vehicle in your blind spot, or issues the emergency breaks to avoid a collision? Some of these functions are possible because of the camera behind the windshield.

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Camera recalibration is required after a windshield replacement

When our technician work on your vehicle to replace your windshield, they must move the front camera. If the camera is misaligned by only a few milimeter, then your ADAS might not work properly.

Choosing to replace your windshield at Lebeau is a good way to make sure your service centre is equipped with the latest technologies to recalibrate your front camera, therefore ensuring a your ADAS works as precise as possible.

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3 ways of recalibrating a camera

A man performs a static recalibration

Static recalibration

The vehicle is stationnary and fixed devices are installed all around the vehicle. The devices allows our technician to align your camera precisly with the help of targets.

A man performs a dynamic recalibration

Dynamic recalibration

The dynamic recalibration is done while the vehicle is moving, while on the road. Technicians use a portative device that allows them to see if the camera is well positionned in many scenarios. The road condition must be suitable for this type of testing.

A Lebeau employee performs a universal recalibration

Universal recalibration

The combination of both recalibration types, static and dynamic, is called universal recalibration. Both types need to be completed within a certain time to be considered valid.

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Manufacturers have standards and recommandations to follow when replacing a windshield. This include the front camera recalibration. At Lebeau, our work allows you to get the best out of your vehicle and this is why recalibration is included with a windshield replacement. Get a free quote online to know more about the costs.

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The camera recalibration is done during your windshield replacement appointment. There is no need to book another visit. Save time, book an appointment with Lebeau!

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Frequently asked questions

Is it mandatory for my dealership to perform the camera recalibration?

Absolutely not! Despite the fact that almost all vehicle manufacturers require your front camera to be recalibrated following a windshield replacement, there’s nothing written in stone that says your dealership has to do it.

On the contrary — you can count on our experts to take care of it immediately following your windshield replacement!

At Lebeau, we have the expertise and equipment to recalibrate all makes and models of vehicles.

How much should I expect to pay for my camera recalibration?

The cost of recalibration can range up to $500 depending on the type of recalibration required and your vehicle’s make and model.

If you file an insurance claim (if applicable), the cost could be covered and you would, therefore, not pay a cent.

To find out the price of a windshield replacement and recalibration, use our online quote tool right now!

Is the recalibration guaranteed by Lebeau?

Yes. We guarantee your recalibration for a period of 12 months (one year).

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