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What to do when your windshield sustains damage?

Your windshield’s primary purpose is to protect the vehicles’ passengers. It does so by holding in place the airbags and the car’s roof in case of an accident. Regularly inspecting your windshield is as important as quickly fixing a chip of any size in the glass.

Extra precautions are necessary when driving in the winter. The roads and highways bear their share of hazards. The temperature variations and the abrasives spread on the roads are increasing factors of ice accumulation that can detach from another vehicle and collide with yours. While driving, little rocks can also take flight and damage your windshield after colliding with it.

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The windshield cracks while driving

In an instant, while having two hands on the steering wheel, a pebble hits your windshield. Here’s a few tips to handle the situation:

  • Start with inspecting the state of your windshield. Is it damaged? If so, what is the size of the impact?
  • If the impact is minor, smaller than a $2 coin, drive slower et be extra careful around potholes and speedbumps as they risk increasing the damage done on your windshield. You can also lower the heating and the A/C directed on the glass to reduce the chances of a thermal blast that may also widen the chip.
  • If your visibility is obstructed by the cracks, slowly pull over to the side of the road. Call a towing service that will take your car directly to the nearest repair center.

Finally, we recommend fixing the damages on your windshield quickly before they worsen. Schedule a quick appointment at a repair center near you to have your glass repaired or replaced.

Precautions to take

To avoid the higher cost of changing the whole windshield, a regular inspection of your car’s windows and windshields might prevent an aggravating situation. It is ideal to repair any damage as quickly as possible before the chip turns into a large crack. 

Removing snow properly:
The roads are safer for other drivers and yourself when every vehicle is clear of snow. Ice patches can fly off poorly snow-cleared vehicles and hit another vehicle. In the event of a car in front of you being poorly cleared of snow, either switch lanes or ensure a greater and safer distance from the car.

On the road:
Always keep a safe distance with other drivers. It is especially important to keep that distance with heavy trucks transporting materials that are likely to fly away and hit your automobile.

Fortunately, glass damage while driving often creates more fright than real harm. After all, it is your windshield’s duty to keep you safe from such events. Don’t forget: Keeping a safe distance from other cars and regularly inspecting your windshield can prevent glass damage. Drive safe!

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