Spring cleaning is just around the corner!

Take advantage of the warm weather to give your car or truck a thorough cleaning, inside and out. Here are our experts’ tips for a perfect spring cleaning:

A person cleans the windshield

Car exterior

  1. Deep cleaning
    Start with a thorough cleaning over and under the vehicle to remove dirt, calcium, and other residual products. Then apply a wax that will protect your vehicle and keep it clean longer.
  2. Check out your windshield and windows

    Spring’s return also means the return of potholes and rocks on the road that may damage your windshield. Proceed with a visual inspection and repair any damage, no matter how small, to prevent further damage.

  3. Replace your wiper blades
    Your brooms are most likely worn out after a harsh winter. It is recommended to change them every 6 months. Find out which models are appropriate for the season and for your vehicle.
  4. Treat your windows against bad weather
    While visiting for a windshield wiper replacement, take the time to get the Aquapel® treatment on your windshield and windows. This protective coating repels rain and dirt while improving visibility for day and night driving.
  5. Mechanical inspection and tire change
    It’s time to change your tires for the season, get the wheels aligned and adjust the tire pressure. Take the opportunity to get a routine mechanical inspection.

Car inside

  1. Deep cleaning
    Winter has taken its toll on the interior of your vehicle, which requires a good vacuuming and cleaning of surfaces with a mild, non-abrasive soap. You will eliminate germs and bacteria at the same time.
  2. Wash the windows

    Clean the interior of your windows with a water and vinegar mixture to reduce the risk of staining the surfaces and avoid ammonia-based cleaners. Afterwards, a simple wipe with a paper towel or rag will make them sparkle!

  3. Give your mats a fresh look
    Your car mats have accumulated their share of dirt, debris, water and calcium. Remove them from the vehicle to air them out, remove moisture and clean the carpet underneath. Use hot water and vinegar to scrub and remove embedded calcium. For maximum protection, we suggest installing custom floor mats that will waterproof the floor and minimize water and calcium damage.
  4. Replace your cabin air filter
    Springtime rhymes with fresh air! It is important to change your cabin filter that has accumulated dirt. When using the air conditioner, a new filter will act as a protective barrier against outside pollutants and will improve air quality by eliminating ambient dust and bad odours.
  5. Don’t forget the trunk!
    Only keep the essentials: safety kit, window washer, motor oil and an emergency compartment (hand sanitizer, masks, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, cap, water bottle, snacks, blanket, jacket, umbrella, etc.). Take the opportunity to check your spare tire’s condition.

Your work will be rewarded with a well-deserved breath of fresh air.

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