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Windshield life hacks: do they really work?

Whether you take care of your vehicle often or whether you do it when you judge it’s absolutely necessary, it is always tempting to take a look at what the Internet can tell us for many things. We have looked at the Internet for tricks and “miracle recipes” about windshield care to help you make the best decision for your vehicle.

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Repairing a windshield chip

Myth : Repair the windshield chip yourself with nail polish in the damaged area.

Reality : Nail polish, as well as any other product that is not specifically made for windshield repairs is not recommended. This could even make things even worse than it was before! Not many people know this, but a simple chip can become a big crack that will need a complete replacement without adequate care and repair. A windshield repair may also need several steps to solidify.


Myth : To prevent your wipers from sticking on your windshield before freezing rain, you can cover your wipers with a pair of socks.

Reality : First of all, the material of the socks themselves can stick to the rubber of the wipers and raising them may damage the mechanism more than it can help. You should make sure before everything that your wiper model is designed to last during the winter season, which means freezing rain and snow. In short, there is nothing better than a good old windshield de-icing, a weatherproofing treatment and a regular inspection of your wipers condition to counter the harsh effects of winter.

Windshield de-icing

Myth : Use hot water onto the windshield for quick and easy de-icing.

Reality : Watch out! Hot water on your windshield may cause a thermal shock that can cause the windshield to crack. During great cold periods, water could freeze quickly instead of melting the ice. It is better to act in prevention, like weatherproofing treatment or a de-icing product. Here are some additional tips to de-ice your vehicle’s windshield.

Reduce humidity and moisture

Myth : Place the newspaper under the car mats to absorb moisture under your vehicle.

Reality : Newspaper will certainly absorb a chunk of water on the floor of your vehicle, but will degrade pretty quick and will freeze during the cold season. This can hide an even more important humidity control problem, like a blocked cabin filter, poorly suited car mats or even a water infiltration in the windshield or somewhere else.

In conclusion, « miracle recipes » on the internet will never replace the expertise of the people whose job it is to help you. For sure, the main thing to keep in mind is to do proper maintenance on your vehicle. It can make your vehicle and its accessories last longer and make your driving a lot easier and enjoyable

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