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How can I find out what my deductible is?

Deductibles tend to vary, depending on the nature of the incident. Your deductible is likely indicated in your insurance policy. You can also contact your insurance provider, or we can do this for you. No taxes are applicable on the deductible.

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Will my premiums go up if I claim glass damage costs from my insurance company?

This question can be answered by your insurer, and you should contact them for details. However, most of our customers claim the cost of repairing glass damage from their insurance company. To be sure, please refer to your policy or contact your insurance agent and/or provider to confirm your specific coverage.

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Will checking my deductible or inquiring about auto glass claims raise my insurance rates?

Asking an insurance company about policy coverage and deductibles is not normally considered a claim. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

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