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Camera recalibration

Lebeau expert is performing a static camera calibration.

Recalibration is our expertise!

Here's an interesting fact. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can potentially prevent up to 28% of passenger vehicle fatalities.1 After a camera is well-recalibrated, it becomes crucial in ensuring the safe interaction of your vehicle with the road and its surroundings.

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Recalibrate your camera following a windshield replacement

  • Expert on the road to perform a dynamic calibration.

Recalibrate your camera following a windshield replacement

Following a windshield replacement, a camera recalibration must be performed in tune with the manufacturer's standards. The reason behind this is to ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers on the road.

With ADAS becoming increasingly common in vehicles, nearly all Canadian insurers have included camera recalibration costs in their coverage along with claims regarding the replacement of windshields.


3 ways of recalibrating a camera

  • Static recalibration

    At Lebeau® service centres, static recalibrations are completed according to the manufacturer’s standards. This procedure requires the vehicle to be stationary. The recalibration is completed by placing a fixed target jig and specific target in front of the vehicle at a prescribed distance and centered to the vehicle through laser technology. The next step is to precisely set the height, pitch, and angle of the target. Next, fuel tank levels and tire pressure are checked and adjusted as required, as well as excess cargo load.

  • Dynamic recalibration

    To perform a dynamic camera recalibration a handheld scan tool is plugged into the vehicles on board port. The vehicle is then driven at a specific speed and road conditions as prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer. Some of the driving conditions require not driving into direct sunlight, having clear painted lane markings, as well as no snow or rainy conditions.

  • Universal recalibration

    Some vehicle manufacturers have forward facing camera systems that require a universal recalibration after windshield replacement. A combination of a static and a dynamic recalibration need to be performed in succession, and within a specified time. The process of universal recalibration could take up to a few hours.

Lebeau®: a partner of choice for camera recalibration

  • Lebeau has allocated funds in order to set properly itscentres for the calibration service that will be offered following a windshield replacement.

Lebeau®: a partner of choice for camera recalibration

Not one recalibration is the same. With each vehicle comes specific manufacturer recalibration requirements and parameters. To ensure this process is properly carried out, the skills and know-how of a qualified technician is needed.

Lebeau® has put in much effort in preparing and equipping its service centres across Canada to provide camera recalibration along with its windshield replacement service, ensuring outstanding customer service along the way.

Entrust your camera recalibration to our experts!


Did you know?


Today, it has become increasingly common to see ADAS featured in most vehicles, all makes and models combined. With 2020 around the corner, it is said that one out of five vehicles will come with an advanced driver assistance system. According to industry experts, it is believed that by 2030, 100% autonomous vehicles will be found on roadways.


One of the main parts that ensures important driver assistant systems features work properly in more and more vehicles is the front camera, which can be found behind the rearview mirror.

Yet, there are still over 70% of Canadian drivers who are not aware that the front camera of an ADAS needs recalibration following a windshield replacement.2

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