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Side, Rear or RV Window Replacement


Damage to side, rear and RV windows requires that the glass be replaced. At Lebeau®, we’re experts in all types of vehicle windows.

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Side window replacement

  • Side Windows Replacement

Side window replacement

Whether damaged by a chip or serious impact, side windows must always be replaced. Because we install top quality replacement windows from certified Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), you’re assured that your passengers will remain safe.

  1. Interior cleaning
    We remove any broken glass from the inside of the vehicle, including behind the interior door panel, before installing the replacement side window.
  2. Installation of the new window
    We carefully fit the new side window into its track and ensure it can be properly opened and closed.
  3. Finishing touches
    Once the new window has been installed, we clean the inside of the vehicle again and replace the interior door panel.

Rear window replacement

  • Rear Window Replacement

Rear window replacement

Drivers depend on the vehicle’s rear window for maximum visibility. Because a defroster is integrated into this window, we install glass from certified Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and follow the same replacement steps as for a windshield.

  1. Preparation of the vehicle
    Before replacing the rear window, we protect the vehicle’s body and interior.
  2. Removal of the damaged glass
    We clean out any broken glass from the inside of the vehicle and remove the bonding glue that held the window in place.
  3. Preparation of the replacement glass
    We apply a primer to the window and window frame and let it dry. We then apply bonding glue around the perimeter of the rear window to ensure perfect adherence.
  4. Installation of the new rear window
    We carefully install the replacement rear window using specialized tools. The new assembly requires 30 minutes to dry before the vehicle can be driven.

RV windows

  • RV Window Replacement

RV windows

We repair and replace windshields in some 800 models of recreational vehicles. Even if you’re on the road, you can contact any of the 300 Lebeau® or Speedy Glass® service centres in Canada. It’s reassuring to know you can travel with peace of mind.

1 Certain exceptions apply. Consult your insurance provider.
2 Certain exceptions apply. Varies with provincial legislation and insurance coverage. Consult your insurance provider.