How much does it cost to repair a stone chip or replace your windshield?

The first question that comes to mind after witnessing a damaged auto glass is how much will this cost to repair or replace? Is the cost different for a crack, a scratch or a rock chip?

Simply put, the cost of your work will depend on three main factors:

  1. The type of damage e.g. a chip or a crack.
  2. The piece of glass that is damaged e.g. the windshield, a side or rear window.
  3. If your vehicle insurance covers you for glass damage.

However, in general, if you have glass damage cover and we can repair the existing piece of glass (e.g. a chipped windshield) rather than having to replace it, the work we carry out will be free of charge.*

Plus, Lebeau will take the hassle out of making an insurance claim by dealing directly with them.

* Depending on provincial legislation and your insurance coverage.

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