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Advanced driver-assistance system

Advanced Driver Assistance System - ADAS - Lebeau


Advanced driver-assistance systems will soon become standard on most new vehicles. It’s like having a co-pilot seated next to you. It captures signals from the road to optimize vehicle handling, minimize risks and help prevent accidents. Because these ADAS systems often include a camera integrated into the windshield, it’s necessary that the camera be recalibrated when the windshield is replaced by a Lebeau® expert.


Emergency Braking Alert - ADAS
Lane Departure Warning - ADAS
Adaptive Cruise Control - ADAS
Night Vision - ADAS


Emergency braking and forward collision warning

Alerts the driver when a collision is detected as imminent; the vehicle autonomously applies the brakes.

Lane departure warning

Informs the driver when the vehicle is about to deviate from a traffic lane and steers the vehicle back in its original lane.

Adaptive cruise control

Automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicles ahead.

Night vision

Warns the driver if a pedestrian is near the danger zone in front of the vehicle.


As a safety feature, advanced driver-assistance systems rely on highly precise scanning. That’s why when replacing windshields, Lebeau® uses state-of-the-art technology to recalibrate the cameras and restore their original reliability.1 Our windshield replacement experts have been trained to provide this service according to the highest technological standards and automaker specifications.

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Did you know?

Advanced driver-assistance systems are on the increase

Today, these systems are found on most new vehicle models, including economy cars. By 2020, one in four vehicles on the road will be equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems, and industry experts agree that fully autonomous vehicles will be driving our roads by 2035.

Many advanced driver-assistance systems use cameras integrated into the windshield

These systems normally consist of single or double cameras paired with sensors (ultrasonic, detection and LIDAR or light detection and radar). Often, the camera is installed in the upper portion of the windshield inside the vehicle. When replacing a windshield, it’s imperative that the camera be recalibrated to ensure the driver-assistance system continues to work as it should.

There are three types of camera recalibration

  1. Static recalibration: Performed in a Lebeau® service centre using measurement lasers, a set of targets and an exclusive tool developed by Bosch.®
  2. Dynamic recalibration: Performed on the road using an exclusive Bosch® tool that connects to the vehicle’s computer and adjusts the scan settings while the car is being driven.
  3. Universal recalibration: A combination of static and dynamic recalibration.


Lebeau® service centres: trained experts to serve you

We have implemented a series of measures and established partnerships with specialists to remain in step with emerging technologies such as advanced driver-assistance systems. Our technicians have been thoroughly trained in camera recalibration to ensure the camera functions as it should once your windshield has been replaced.


Offered by certain Lebeau® service centres. Fees apply.
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